Guest Boats

Norra Hamnen is The City Marina of Helsingborg.
There are plenty of berths and docking area for guest boats.
The marina is open all year and we can accept yachts greater than 100 feet.
The depth in the marina is around 4-6 meters.
Position of the entrance: N56.0485 E012.6831

Max speed inside the marina is 3 knots

Summary of the marina (see also OVERVIEW MAP)
Eastern quay
Mainly for guest boats (see Overview Map for exceptions)
South part of the quay, alongside
North part of the quay, mooring buoys

Western quay, south of harbour entrance.
Six floating pontoons, with finger berths.
Over 250 berths on the jetties
Pontoon A, north side  = 4,3 m width
Pontoon A, south side  = 4,0 m width
Pontoon B & C = 3,5 m width
Pontoon D & E = 3,0 m width
Pontoon F = 2,5 m width
Berths can be used by guests when vacant (green sign)
Max 8 ton at pontoons.

Northern quay, fixed wooden jetty with pontoon extension
Fixed wooden jetty, east side –Mooring poles
Pontoon extension, east side – Finger berths.
West side of jetty and pontoon extension – Alongside.
All berths > 4 m width
Marina berths can be used by guests when a berth is vacant (green sign)
Max 8 ton at pontoon extension.

Service facilities for guests
In white Helsingborg Yacht Club (HYC) building on west quay, near Jetty C –Harbour Office, toilets, showers, sauna, waste bins.
There are also toilet and shower also in northwest corner of the marina
Barbeque area near service building on western quay.
Service dock on west quay, just north of harbour entrance – Fuelling station (petrol and diesel), pump-out stations for boat toilets, mast crane.
Jetties in northwest corner of the marina not for pleasure vessels.
Guest fees are to be regulated as soon as practicable after berthing/docking.
Payment is done on