Motorhome Parking

Motorhome Parking in Helsingborg city centre!

Norra Hamnen is a marina in the centre of Helsingborg.
On the western pier, also called Parapeten, there is a Motorhome Parking with room for around 15-20 vehicles.
During summertime the Motorhome Parking is located just north of the HYC Clubhouse and during wintertime it’s just south of the building.
Address: Parapeten 6; 252 67 Helsingborg.
Position: N56.0477 E012.6850

PLEASE NOTE: No reservations can be made in advance (first come, first served).
The daily guest fee, of 360 SEK, is to be paid as soon as practicable upon parking.
Payment is done on

If needed, you can log on to the city’s free wi-fi net “Helsingborg”.
After payment you will receive a sms text message to your mobile phone with your access code for all the service facilities paid for in connection with your stay. Remember to fill in all the details on the website, including the country code for your mobile phone number.
The access code is valid until noon (12:00) upon departure day.
Next to the service building you will find a laundry room with a washer and a dryer. Payment for laundry is also done on